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For many, South Carolina is the home of the Palmetto trees, amazing beaches and coastal grasslands that extend along the seaboard. At Holcombe, Fair and Lane, we have represented this land along with a variety of other properties to potential residents and business owners since 1927.

Charleston commercial real estate has become an exceptional starting point for those who look to take advantage of an amazing area whose township is a historical landmark within the nation. Whether you’re a start-up group looking to kick off your company or an existing business owner looking to expand, we offer  flex, industrial, and other commercial real estate listing representation that is sure to meet your expectations.

Being in the business of land excavation for over 80 years has put us in the position to lead the Charleston commercial real estate market as being one of the primary firms to specialize in the management and development of land. This allows us to provide optimal services in sales, leasing, consulting and marketing for high-caliber, high-desired properties with much credibility. Our level of service sets the standard as the market in Charleston allows us to show the skills and knowledge of each team member. With each person on our staff having owned, developed or managed commercial real estate in Charleston, our team is committed to providing you with opportunities to capitalize on area real estate as it is a privilege to see you get started with executing your ideas in this thriving county.

Advancements in technology permit us to be on top of Charleston County commercial real estate property as our focus on land conservation gives us an edge in a market where properties and the type of land where it’s located are the deciding factors when a client is looking to purchase. Take a look at the listed commercial properties and begin shaping your future in Charleston County. With Holcombe, Fair and Lane proudly extending an accumulation of knowledge, insight and best-practice concepts for Charleston commercial real estate, your venture to South Carolina will be with confidence.

Current Listings

North Charleston

4223B Fellowship Road


3240 Benchmark Drive


11 Broad Street

charleston commercial building for sale | 11 broad street

1957 Belgrade Ave


Dorchester County Commercial Real Estate

The Charleston metro has many promising areas that speak to continuous growth and the evolution of South Carolina’s Lowcountry region; however, there is one place that is already pushing the envelope to be an exciting location with much to offer. Dorchester County presents a dynamic culture whose astounding mix of culture, history and natural beauty.

The market for commercial real estate in Dorchester County is a unique one as this area endorses land development while preserving the natural aesthetic of this locale. For over 80 years, we have excavated territories such as Dorchester to be able to present real estate that speaks to industries that are looking to expand their business in South Carolina.  Dorchester County commercial real estate is not only charming, but it offers both an industrial and hospitable element to give you high-level prospect for your company with lower business costs. Being in close proximity to Charleston is an added plus as you will be able to recruit from the youthful workforce available while participating in the arts and other desired amenities extended through the port authority of the state.

At Holcombe, Fair and Lane, our perspective on land preservation has driven us to serve as public officials and members of real estate associations, local banks, environmental organizations, wildlife associations, and local and national conservation initiatives. Let one of our agents show you the available land, building and commercial sites so that you can become part of the industrial movement occurring in Dorchester County.

Berkeley County Commercial Real Estate

In an area like Berkeley County, getting to business is part of their mantra. With many looking to this location as one of the more promising industrial areas in the Charleston Metropolitan area, the request for Berkeley County commercial real estate continues to increase. Holcombe, Fair and Lane presents the opportunity to take part in this fast-growing center for business and commerce with a selection of properties that fit your desire to be in the numbers.

Known as the “Sportsman’s Paradise” for its popular hunting and fishing grounds, Berkeley County’s extensive land resources makes this a hub for continued economic and industrial growth. With this type of abundance in natural assets, it would only be right for a team like Holcombe, Fair and Lane to take part in this endeavor. The partners in our firm have all owned, developed or managed commercial real estate in Charleston. They are well-qualified to guide our clients through worthwhile investments. Many businesses and industry leaders seek land and commercial property in Berkeley County when deciding on a location for plant facilities, retail centers, or operational headquarters. At Holcombe, Fair and Lane, our brokers and agents live the business as we are heavily involved in land and commercial real estate endeavors such as holding offices in the community and serving as members of real estate associations, local banks, environmental organizations, wildlife associations, and local and national conservation initiatives.

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